Milton Williams Interviewed for Lawyer Limelight in Lawdragon


WMH’s Milton Williams was interviewed by Lawdragon in its “Lawyer Limelight” series.

During this in-depth Q&A, Milt discusses topics ranging from his unusually diverse litigation practice that includes work on major white collar trials as well as compliance, commercial litigation, social justice matters and employment law to the challenges and complexities of working on cases involving public figures and scrutinized government programs with a variety of interests at stake.

Milt shares that WMH’s growth and efficiency can be directly credited to its “very innovative and progressive approach to training and firm management.  Junior associates are trained and mentored in a way that is consistent with how things would work at a US Attorney’s.” He also highlights that “all of the younger lawyers are actively engaged, have interesting work, and have a good work life balance,” all of which are very important to him and the Firm. “The lawyers I work with have a life outside of the law. I have always had that perspective. You need something else in your life. There is tremendous pressure to get a lot of work done as a lawyer and it is easy to lose sight of how hard people around you are working.”

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