White Collar Defense and Investigations

WMHW conducts complex internal investigations for global leaders in the financial, real estate, health care, industrial, automotive, energy, retail, and entertainment sectors. Our investigations have covered virtually every type of alleged business impropriety, from securities fraud to insider trading, foreign bribery, antitrust offenses, accounting violations, economic sanctions violations, cyber-based offenses, money laundering, embezzlement, false billing, and off-label marketing.

Combining decades of government experience with innovative defense strategies, WMHW has earned a unique position of trust among some of the world’s largest organizations. Our team of attorneys has developed a reputation for conducting a thorough assessment of the evidentiary weaknesses and potential risks at each stage of an engagement and then executing a coordinated strategy of proactive engagement and direct diplomacy that is both aggressive and discreet.


  • Served as Special Counsel to a state-created tax force investigating over 80 companies and a state agency for alleged misconduct involving the state’s tax incentive programs.
  • Conducted a worldwide internal investigation on behalf of a Fortune Global 500 auto parts company in connection with allegations of anti-competitive practices, including multiple investigations in Brazil, the U.S., and Europe. We obtained positive outcomes, including leniency and favorable settlements.
  • Represented the former Director of Business Development for Cambridge Analytica, who testified before the British Parliament and offered critical evidence on commercial and political data practices to various U.S. federal agencies and congressional investigations.
  • Represented a former New York City Commissioner in an investigation of public corruption by the Department of Justice (DOJ), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office involving the then-NYC mayor, his aides, and political donors.
  • Represented a university basketball coach in connection with an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office into a scheme to bribe students to enroll at the university.
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