Jim Walden Cited in Forbes’s “Russian Doping Scandal Fallout: FBI Could Investigate and Coaches Prosecuted Over Valieva Case”


When news broke that Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva competed at the Beijing Olympics despite testing positive for a banned substance in late December, Forbes turned to WMH managing partner Jim Walden for insight. Walden helped craft the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act and represented the Russian anti-doping whistleblower after whom the law is named.

In what was highlighted as a “Crucial Quote,” Walden explained, “I think that [the FBI has] got a lot of leads to follow in this circumstance.” He told Forbes about an investigation into Valieva’s coach and doctor, who he noted have previously had rumored issues with doping. “This is exactly what the Rodchenkov Act was designed to do.” The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled it would “cause her irreparable harm” if Valieva was blocked from competing while the investigation is pending. Walden said he believes authorities are not “going to be bringing the full weight of punishment down on her” given her minor status.

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