Jim Walden Quoted by the Albany Times Union on Petition to Prevent Gerrymandering in New York State

Times Union

Today, Jim Walden talked to Brendan Lyons, Managing Editor of the Albany Times Union.

“Neither party truly wants competitive races,” said Jim Walden, an attorney for Greenberg in the case. “When this lawsuit succeeds, I hope that New Yorkers votes every complicit elected official out of office.”

Walden said their petition also seeks to delay the distribution of military absentee ballots until the case is resolved. He said it’s possible that if Democrats challenge their motion the case could reenter the appeals phase, including possibly returning to the Court of Appeals.

The Legislature “flagrantly violated the constitution to the detriment of all New Yorkers when it gerrymanders election districts to the benefit of Democratic candidates,” Walden added.

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