Jim Walden Among New York Lawyers Welcoming Signing of Clean Slate Legislation

New York Law Journal

Walden Macht & Haran partner Jim Walden was one of the attorneys who signed onto the letter of support for the Clean Slate legislation, which would allow people with lower-level convictions better access to housing, education, and most jobs.

“The principle of rehabilitation and welcoming people back into society, I think, is extremely important. There are obviously some offenders that pose significant risks of recidivism, and I certainly hope that there are progressive ways to try to get them the help they need to choose a different way of life,” Walden said. “But for those people that clearly have the ability to kind of move back on and live a law-abiding life of significance is important. I was thrilled to sign onto the letter. I think it was a really important initiative, regardless of your political party. I’m hoping that governors across the country do the same thing.”

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