Law360 Covers WMH Securities Enforcement Practice


“Barry Rashkover told Law360 Pulse Monday that he had worked with several Walden Macht attorneys, including Jeffrey Udell, while working on the same matters, and he became impressed with the firm’s capabilities. He also sees it as a growing and dynamic New York firm.

Rashkover said he sees a lot of advantages to practicing in the securities enforcement arena at a boutique like Walden Macht, which has about 50 attorneys and focuses on white collar matters, and which he said is well situated to represent ‘a wide spectrum of clients.’

‘At this stage in my career, with two decades at Sidley under my belt, it felt like the perfect time to segue here,’ Rashkover said.

The new group has seven attorneys, six of them partners, in addition to Rashkover, all with varied kinds of experience. These include name partners Sean Haran and Jim Walden.

‘As a collective whole, we have experience in all the key areas of securities enforcement,’ Rashkover said. ‘If you take the whole and the sum of its constituent parts, we have extensive experience in public company representations, including senior officials and officers. We have broker dealer experience, investment adviser experience. We have crypto experience.”

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